LeRoux Captures the Essence of Chef Lon Symensma's Culinary Journey

“Even if you’re not familiar with the term “mille-feuille,” you’ve probably eaten the French pastry. The phrase means “thousand-leaf,” which accurately describes the paper-thin layers of puff pastry that go into Napoleons and other labor-intensive desserts. Now imagine standing over a prep counter all day cutting mushrooms into equally fine slices, stacking them in a terrine and baking the terrine until the mushrooms form an almost solid loaf that’s sliced and served as an appetizer. Each layer comes apart to provide an intensely flavored bite of nothing but king trumpet mushroom, butter and salt.
That’s the kind of effort that goes into nearly every dish at LeRoux, chef Lon Symensma’s new French/European restaurant that opens tomorrow, December 28, next door to ChoLon, the chef’s eight-year-old, Asian-inspired eatery on the 16th Street Mall.”

LeRoux Captures the Essence of Chef Lon Symensma’s Culinary Journey